To chat about ALttP and get involved with races (such as the weekly one on Sunday), see when various ALttP players go live on stream, and see Tompa's TAS WIP, check out #alttp on

If you want to actually learn the game, watch some runs. You can check out the partial "godtas2" thing (a TAS aiming to show a theoretical "perfect" humanly possible run) and read the (partial) notes as well. (however this is basically a dead project SORRY~ just watch runs and stuff! but you can see the old WIP of it..)

There's also a thing called Geebot (created by Knudd) that can teach you about various things on various ALttP Twitch channels if you use !list

Random Links:
- - My Twitch channel where you can find my RTAs and stuff
- - Leaderboard thingy for RTAs, submit yer times
-!/alttp/1 - SRL game page for ALttP including semi-updated rules now
- - Mostly Audity's videos (at least the further back you go, has pretty good new stuff), unorganized and lotsa out of date stuff, but still useful probably

Actually cool stuff:
- Jadin's clips guide - Tips for all the clips you might encounter in "No EG" runs (mainly for "All Dungeons (No EG)" but also relevant for "Any% (No EG)" as well!)
- My alternate, overcomplicated Kiki skip guide - Covered in above guide too but this has a lot of words or something

Theory TAS Stuff:
- New route guide TAS ("godtas2") - Still a WIP, and pretty outdated at that (pre-hammerjump and such). Copy the inputs and read the notes.
- cyghfer's smv pack - Buncha new strats that will be incorporated into godtas2 (includes cyg's notes)
- Helpful RAM Watch file for TASing
- x/y position/speed and boss HP LUA script - Use with 1.51rr since 1.53 doesn't have lua scripting

Helpful Stuff:
- Jan 2014 Arrow Route - Oh hey the only actual new thing on here in a while
- Routes for some categories (including the old 100% route, but not the new one (watch a run))
- Hammeryump Guide - Don't forget the video and its description. Ignore all visual cues except the sword one, since it's by far the best!
- Cane of Byrna Racing Guide
- Fake Flippers Guide - Or you can do the super easy method where you slash bush and move northeast~
- Ice Palace Bombjump Flowchart - Probably confusing since this is from March 2010, but look where the green arrow points and just pay attention to the 3 cyan pixels
- Helpful pic for lining up to hit Helmasaur with hammer easily

More things to navigate to in your web browser:
- Desert Palace Switch
- A swell map showing like everything of interest in both worlds
- Quickwarp Guide - Rough guide, some can be 1px (or more) further to your benefit, like Mire's can be more north
- Prize Packs - Thanks to MBD, but it does have some errors, like no Octoroks (light or dark) in the rupee pack... also the eyeball bat drops nothing
- Text difference between J/U
- Old arrow guide w/ backups - Will change a lot, just watch a run
- Old bomb guide w/ backups - Changed a ton due to hammeryump